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Old Boyfriends Debbie Macomber

Old Boyfriends

Debbie Macomber

Published 2007
ISBN : 9780778301783
393 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

At 50, Seattleite Susannah Nelson is unsatisfied with her American dream: shes got a devoted husband, two teenage children and a rewarding career teaching fifth grade. Shes also got a recently deceased father, a mother increasingly unable to care for herself,and recurring dreams about her high school sweetheart, Jake Presley, who disappeared around the time of the death of her brother, Doug, 30 years ago. Returning to her hometown of Colville, Wash., over the summer to look after her mother, Susannah has an ulterior motive: to find Jake. As she orchestrates her mothers rocky move to a nursing home and tries to keep track of her household (particularly her petulant daughter, recently taken with shiftless townie Troy Nance), Susannah picks up Jakes trail with the help of a private investigator and a childhood friend. As tension mounts between Susannah and her family, she uncovers the shocking details of Jakes disappearance--and of Dougs death--and ultimately faces her long-buried resentment toward her father.