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Owens Mate (Pack Rules #9) B.A. Stretke

Owens Mate (Pack Rules #9)

B.A. Stretke

Published July 26th 2015
Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When Owen first met Vincent Dane, he was literally stopped in his tracks. The scent hit him and Owen knew that his entire life has just changed. Just as everything else in Owen’s life, bonding with his forever mate will not be easy. Vincent Dane is a highly successful investment banker, with a home in Odin and a penthouse in New York, he’s a playboy, and most importantly, he’s human. Owen wonders how if he could ever have a place in Vince’s fast paced life. What would he want with a Nineteen year old carpenter with more baggage than an airline. Can he overcome his own fears and Vince’s playboy ways to secure his happy ending?Vincent Dane has only ever had two permanent things in his life, his job and his son. Men come and go, unable to meet Vince’s standards and fit into his investment banker world. The moment he laid eyes on Owen Falk, his world seemed to shift on its axis. Never before had he felt so drawn and so enamored with anyone. Owen doesn’t fit his usual type of guy and Vincent wonders if that’s really for the better. He can’t get Owen out of his head, but can he seal the deal? Will he let Owen into his life and find forever happiness, or will he allow his own fears to ruin it all?