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Die Dracheninsel: Sciene Fiction Roman Jack Williamson

Die Dracheninsel: Sciene Fiction Roman

Jack Williamson

Published 1983
ISBN : 9783404220656
270 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Dragon’s Island by Jack Williamson is an old school science fiction book. I found it truly amusing when on the back of the book it talks about how normally science fiction books are set in the far future, instead of just a c couple from now in the 1970s. This book was written in 1951, but it still deals with morality issues that are still raised today. It focuses in on Genetic Engineering and creating a race that is ‘better’ than ‘normal’ humans - faster, smarter, stronger. Are they out to destroy normal humans or are they going to be the saviors of the world. You have the humans who are sure the ‘mutants’ are going to annihilate the human race, and will do anything to kill the mutants, and you have mutants who seem to have shady dealings and consider humans less than they are. Dragon’s Island keeps you guessing as to what side the protagonist should be on. The ‘science’ of the science fiction is…well…shaky at best about how they do the genetic manipulation, but overall it is a pretty good read. I give Dragon’s Island a B.