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Enoch Primordial: Chronicles of the Nephilim Book 2 Brian Godawa

Enoch Primordial: Chronicles of the Nephilim Book 2

Brian Godawa

Published July 17th 2012
ISBN : 9780985930929
396 pages
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 About the Book 

I think Brian Godawa has taken on a worthwhile project of writing fiction based on the Bible which does not contradict or distort the redemptive themes of the Bible, which so often disappoints many of us. Extra-biblical literature has often done this ever sense the Bible has been on the scene. In informative appendices, Godawa helps us navigate this literary genre of ancient biblical fiction and legend and shows us from which of these stories he has drawn in order to fill out his own fictitious portrayals of the biblical people, places and things.In keeping with his Evangelical convictions, and his Schaefferian approach to Christian apologetics and the Christian worldview, he has written these into his fantasy narrative in ways which many may reject as at times appearing to be nothing but sheer politically conservative, or Republican partisan rhetoric. Finding allusions to Bill Clintons appeal to the definition of is, and his famous remark I feel your pain, as well as the 99% rhetoric of the more recent Occupy Wall Street movement put into the mouths of antagonists will be the last straw for some who are unfamiliar with Godawas apologetics and worldview based on those of the Reformed popular apologist Francis Schaeffer. But being both a Republican and politically conservative, I found these allusions amusing and enjoyed reading a novel which defies the mold of political and philosophical progressivism which reigns in the entertainment industry in which Godawa makes part of his living as the screenwriter of, most notably, To End All Wars, starring Keifer Sutherland.Godawas ambitious project in speculative Biblical fantasy is also inspired by the classic writings of both J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis. In the spirit of Tolkein, he has created an elaborate fantasy world by literalizing the mytho-poetic literary and legendary references of the Bible and ancient extrabiblical pseudapigraphy (falsely attributed)- in that of Lewis, his motivation is to baptize the imagination of his readers to help them better get the redemptive themes of the Bible so that when they come to the Bible itself, they will find what they read more familiar.This review will be completed at a later date at www.capthk.com. Subcribe to my RSS feed or sign up for an email update so you dont miss it.