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Locked In Golf Method Gordon Jackson

Locked In Golf Method

Gordon Jackson

Published March 4th 2011
Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Please note: The price of this book probably will increase soon.Gordon Jackson’s new book, LOCKED-IN GOLF METHOD, reveals the golf swing secret: locking-in of a straight ball flight alignment during the setup phase of the golf swing.Unless a straight ball flight alignment is locked-in during the setup proceedings it only takes a fraction of a degree of wrist and elbow rotation to re-route the alignment and swing path of the clubface to a different ball flight alignment during the remainder of the setup routine and during the golf swing.Once any of the ten techniques are performed as instructed in the LOCKED-IN GOLF METHOD book, all that will remain will be to complete the setup proceedings and execute a simple golf swing. Then watch your ball fly on a straight path directly to your target.Here is what you can expect once you learn how to perform the techniques in the LOCKED-IN GOLF METHOD book:• You can expect a square clubface and an on-line swing path that will produce longer golf shots than before• You can expect to take at least one club less than what you normally use to carry your ball the same distance.• You can expect to produce higher golf shots than you ever thought possible.• You can expect to turn your shoulders to a complete and full backswing.• You can expect to avoid slicing your ball.• You can expect to avoid hooking your ball,• You can expect to avoid topping, chunking, skulling or shanking your golf shot.• You can expect to play the best golf of your life for the rest of your life.Gordon Jackson has written more extensively about golf instruction than any one in the history of the sport. He has produced more than 50 instructional DVDs, written more than 30 Special Reports and published twelve books on his Locked-In Golf™ techniques. His books include:*HOW TO HIT A GOLF BALL AS STRAIGHT-AS-AN-ARROW*HOW TO LOCK-IN A PERFECT GOLF SWING*HOW GOLF WORKS*TOO SIMPLE TO BE GOLF*THE LOCKED-IN GOLF METHOD*HIT IT DEAD STRAIGHT*INSTANT GOLF*STRAIGHT SHOOTING GOLF*HOW TO HIT A POWER DRAW*HOW TO HIT A PERFECT FADE*HOW TO LOCK-IN A PERFECT GRIP*THE LOCKED-IN GOLF SWINGAfter many years of extensive research and thousands of experiments, he was the first to discover the fundamental flaw of golf which he characterizes as the “Vardon Curse.”The “Vardon Curse” simply means the instant a conventional style of grip is formed on a golf club, the wrists will rotate the clubface to an effective open alignment and to an out-to-in swing path, creating a slice ball flight alignment.Since such discovery, he has designed, developed and perfected more than 100 techniques to convert the inherent slice ball flight alignment to a straight ball flight alignment to produce a golf shot as straight-as-an-an arrow. The instructions to perform many of these techniques on DVDs are available at https://lockedingolf.com and https://jacksongolfmethod.comIn addition, he has designed, developed and perfected more than 30 techniques to lock-in and produce shaped golf shots. The instructions to perform many of these locked-in shaped golf shots are available at https://shapinggolfshots.com. Instructions to perform his locked-in putting techniques may be found at https://lockedinputtting,comAlso, many of his techniques as well as much of his research, experiments and validated tests are addressed in his books, DVDs, Special Reports, blogs and articles with one purpose in mind:TO TRANSFORM GOLF FROM A“GAME OF GUESS” TO A “GAME OF SUCCESS.”