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Dancing on Tisha BAv Lev Raphael

Dancing on Tisha BAv

Lev Raphael

Published January 1st 1990
ISBN : 9780312048624
231 pages
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 About the Book 

Ive wanted to be an author since I was in second grade and fell in love with The Three Musketeers, which I read to pieces. It hasnt been a swashbuckling life exactly, but one full of surprises, including recently selling my literary papers to Michigan State Universitys Libraries.Since second grade, Ive loved all sorts of books and have ended up writing nineteen books in many genres: memoir, mystery, short story collections, a childrens book, and more. Ive been an academic, a radio DJ, had my own talk show, and currently have three terrific giugs.I write a monthly column for Bibliobuffet.com called Book Brunch. I blog at Huffington Post (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/lev-rap...). And I do a monthly Under the Radar book review for WKAR 90.5 FM in East Lansing, MI. Im always on the lookout for beautifully written books in any genre, but I more and more favor books from smaller presses, because they need more exposure.I love reading my work and have done hundreds of readings on three different continents. Readings are performances, and I practice, practice, practice.